Dark Study

Anika Todd
Opening April 27
7-10 PM

sweet pass sculpture park anika todd
Anika Todd's Dark Study installation draws inspiration from the historic moon towers of Austin, Texas. First installed in 1895, these now beloved infrastructures were constructed to provide widespread illumination over the growing city at night. Todd’s sculptural nocturne comes to life under the gaze of her own artist-made tower, its lights triggered on and off by sound sensors. During a one-month winter residency, the artist developed the site-responsive project while living at the park and immersing herself fully in the environment she seeks to illuminate. Through this installation, Todd navigates the complex dynamics of presence and absence, grounding and dislocation, evoked by the transient yet defining experience of freight trains passing by the park through the night. The resulting installation delves into the contradictions of technology's utopian promise, aiming to locate park visitors in the wake of the train's connectivity and placelessness.

Terra Femme

Courtney Stephens
Live Performance Saturday, April 27

On View April 27-July 13

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park
In Terra Femme(2021), filmmaker Courtney Stephens delves into the travelogues of female travel-filmmakers from the early to mid-20th century. Through her eloquently narrated montage over a spare and pulsing score, Stephens reclaims the voices of these amateur filmmakers while presenting us with something more. In her search for what, she muses, might provide "evidence of the female gaze," she embarks on a layered exploration of what the narrative of travel offered to women in a rapidly globalizing world. Stephens insightfully notes, “Archives reflect not only what people did and what they saved, but what it meant to cross the threshold.”