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January 10 - February 23


Featuring: Sofia Bastidas, Jer'Lisa Devezin, Peter Fend, Rowen Foster, Oshay Green, "Shorty" Hernandez, Hockaday AP Art student, David Jeremiah, Allison Klion, Greg Meza, Jessie Alexandra Moncrief, Arthur Peña, and Kevin Todora.

Sweet Pass Sculpture Park will present its second installment of Away Message, an annual sound exhibition broadcast from the park. This year’s program showcases artists who work or have worked in the neighborhood; an area with several names (depending on who you talk to) that exists south of Singleton and east of Sylvan - there’s also a few special guests. The various works and interviews are meditations on what Buckminster Fuller calls his five departments “the day before yesterday, yesterday, today, the invisible tomorrow, and the could be tomorrow.”

December 14 - February 29

Clemmons & Loyd, AFTER WORLD CAM

trey burns sweet pass sculpture park

AFTER WORLD CAM is an immersive audio/video installation and live broadcast in which viewers become inhabitants of a virtual nature preserve set in a speculative future.

Clemmons and Loyd is a collaboration between Melanie Clemmons and Zak Loyd. We have worked together since 2009, composing immersive video installations, developing net.art pieces, and providing visual support for live music (as Vidkidz) across USA/URL landscapes.